Atomic Journey Lite – Soft launch press release

Soft launch of Atomic Journey Lite for iOS and Android, a unique science slingshot game on the fate of the universe from Impact Unified, Malmö Sweden, is started this week.

MALMÖ, Sweden, June. 15, 2020 / – Impact Unified, a Swedish game and documentary production studio, are developing a science slingshot game on the fate of the universe. Combining proven slingshot game mechanics with atomic and nuclear physics and the theories of Stephen Hawking the team at Impact Unified has created something really unique.

We want to bring the beauty of physics to everyone – and do it in a fun and addictive manner – Hannes Hultgren, PhD and Chief Scientific Officer, Impact Unified

Besides being game developers we also have a PhD in nuclear physics and a PhD in mathematics in our team and the love of science was the inspiration for this game. – Simon Hultgren, CEO Impact Unified

The game is available at the App Store and Google Play

Link to graphical assets.

Background story in the game

You are Eli , a solitary electron in our universe.

As predicted by humans a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the universe is coming to an end in the big freeze. More and more stars and entire galaxies are turning into black holes consuming everything in their way. Eventually these black holes also consume each other, forming a universe consisting only of super black holes.

The black holes slowly evaporate by emitting Hawking radiation, leaving a universe consisting of nothing but a cold dark void. The big freeze is happening right now.

It is up to you, Eli, to rescue the elementary particles and the elements from our universe. You have to take them through rifts in space time to a safe parallel universe, preserving them from extinction. Journeying through the game you will rescue your friends Pomi, the proton, and Noemi, the neutron, thereafter you can chose to play as these characters as well.